Walloper Lake, BC

The big events of 2009 were the clearing of the dead pine trees and the building of a small

outbuilding for storage.

Below are some photo taken throughout the year. Captions (if any) are below the photo.

A beautiful December sunset!

From this angle you can really see the red color of the dead pine trees.

One morning a cow mouse and her calf came for a visit.

The day the ice left.

My brother Mark with his wood processor. It was fast, furious and messy!

Picking up this mess was a real chore.

My old reliable Toyota 4Runner has been a put to good use hauling away branch, rounds and

even skidding entire trees.

After a hard days work I get to slow down and enjoy the view.

Yet another neighbour came by to see what all the noise was about.

The pile of logs on the left I was able to sell. I burned the pile on right once the snow started

to fall.

Starting work on the new storage building

Me making a cut